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Your BBQ features Stainless Steel components, using moderate grade Stainless Steel. All Stainless Steel grades require a level of care and protection to retain their appearance. Stainless Steels are not immune to corrosion and neither are they maintenance-free, contrary to popular public perception. Even the highest marine grades of Stainless Steel require frequent cleaning with fresh water to avoid oxidation and other corrosive issues.

Modern tastes dictate that your BBQ features Stainless Steel with a brushed finish. This brushed finish is attained by running Stainless Steel sheets through an abrasive process that removes the mirror finish and leaves the brushed finish. Brushed-finish Stainless Steel requires frequent cleaning and care, to maintain to quality of appearance. Without adequate care it is realistic to expect that it will show signs of corrosion in time.

Stainless Steel is definitely not a maintenance-free material. Cleanliness and Stainless Steel are closely related.

After assembly, we recommend that owners apply a thin layer of Olive Oil with a clean rag, to all exposed Stainless Steel areas. This should then be polished in and buffed off with another clean rag to a non-oily finish. This process will aid protection against dirt and other corrosive contaminants, by providing a temporary food-safe shield. The Olive Oil layer also makes later polishing and removal of fingerprints easier. This process should be repeated frequently when cleaning your grill.

You may have bought a protective cover for your B8Q. It is recommended that a BBQ cover should be used at al times when the B8Q is not in use to protect your investment. However it is vital to understand that unless the BBQ is cool, clean and dry when the cover is fitted, use of a cover can in fact be detrimental. A cover placed on a warm, wet or unclean B6Q (or any mix of these factors) can in fact be a very effective corrosion breeder.

For this reason, the BBQ should always be cool, cleaned of any surface contaminants or dirt and be thoroughly dry before a protective cover is fitted. This is especially important before a BBQ is stored for any length of time i.e. if the BBQ doesn't get frequent use, or when the BBQ is stored away over winter months. In order to maintain the quality of the finish of your Stainless Steel BBQ, the owner must be vigilant with care and maintenance according to this advice.

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